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At the click of a mouse, Databuild for Windows lets you produce

  • Job estimates
  • Bills of Quantities
  • Quotations
  • Colour schedules
  • Specifications, and
  • Purchase orders

You can choose items from pre-existing or business-specific recipes to provide customers with quick and accurate estimates, alterations and specifications.

CAD compatability allows for quick calculation of lengths and areas from imported CAD drawings. Similarly, a Graphical Take Off function lets you calculate quantities by reference to scanned images.

All estimate data is inter-linked, accurate, and easy to keep up-to-date. This means that estimates can become quotations, quotation can become Bills of Quantities and specifications and, in turn, purchase orders.

All-in-all, Databuild for Windows is a highly effective and fully integrated system that will streamline your business processes.



Databuild for Windows lets you enter the prices you need for your business to work.

Prices are easily customised, altered, categorised and updated.

Some of Databuild for Windows’ price listing features include:

  • 10 digit alphanumeric coding to allow maximum coding flexibility.
  • Storage capacity for up to 100 prices for any particular item.
  • Unlimited storage capacity for individual supplier prices and supplier catalogue references.
  • Easy-to-use multi-level search function.
  • Flexible import facility allows processing items and prices in multiple formats.



Databuild for Windows lets you build extensive price recipes for all the building materials that your business uses.

Each recipe includes as many different items from as many individual suppliers as you need. Sub-categories of specific material types, brands or items can easily be integrated.

Quote one or more prices instantly and accurately.



Jobs are easy to control and analyse if they can be easily broken down into their component parts.

Databuild for Windows does this by allowing you connect each component of a job to a specific cost database. This means that the data you need is easy to find, and reporting is simple.

All cost databases are connected to a general ledger account allowing for fully integrated posting.



Databuild for Windows includes many helpful and powerful quantity processing features.

Databuild for Windows allows you to:

  • Set nominated supplier lists.
  • Compare prices.
  • Hold and copy purchase orders.
  • Save and call-up order history data.
  • Build multi-level recipes from basic elements and tailor them to your more complex needs as you grow.
  • Import quantities from a variety of sources including CAD systems, ASCII files, XML files, and Graphical Take-Off.
  • Build up, format and calculate standard calculating routines by reference to specific lengths, areas and volumes.
  • “Drag and drop” selected items for quick and easy editing, copying, deleting and locking of items.
  • Set multiple price levels, even within the same cost centre – individual prices can be over-ridden and prices can be locked and unlocked at the click of a mouse.
  • Add, edit or delete individual items or groups of items as you go.
  • Automatically generate specification documents from quantities in the bill.



Databuild for Windows lets you scan plans and sketches onto your system and use them to build your quotes and estimates. Once horizontal and vertical scales are set, you can link to an appropriate recipe and provide an estimate simply by clicking on component of the plan that you are interested in.

Graphical Take-Off also supports Digitiser tracing so tracing can be carried out on a flatbed scanner rather than on the screen.

Graphical Take-Off allows you to import .BMP and .WMF files and CAD drawings for easy visually-based estimating and pricing.



Databuild for Windows helps you work faster by recognising that standard dimensions need not be calculated over and over again. Databuild for Windows’ Global Quantities function makes these calculations for you automatically.

The Global Quantities function allows users to customise and globalise quantities data to suit their own specific needs. It also lets users create customer-specific colour schedules and other finish price lists.



Databuild for Windows lets you create and print individual or multiple purchase orders.

All preferred suppliers can be easily distinguished according to price, delivery time, locality, or the number of outstanding orders.

Users can integrate their ordering with email systems to ensure fast and efficient transactions.



Databuild for Windows’ Quotation function lets you to create, modify, call up, save and print rich text quotations on business letterhead or other customised stationary, and includes an easy-to-use and accurate sales analysis tool.

Comparative analysis of sales and estimate information is available instantly, and output data for items such as closure rates and performance reports can be illustrated graphically or statistically at the click of a mouse.



Databuild for Windows allows you to assemble all the components of a proposed job or each of the individual segments of current job to assess financial viability.

Databuild for Windows allows you to monitor feasibility with four report functions so you will know what you are in for before you start.

  • Milestones: measures feasibility by reference to key job events such as progress claim payment dates.
  • Funding: monitors cash flow by reference to fund availability.
  • Expenditure: measures feasibility by reference to outgoings.
  • Income: monitors feasibility by reference to receipts.

Data in each mode can be presented in graphic or tabular form.

When used in combination with Databuild’s Job Control software, your business will possess an extremely effective and all-encompassing job monitoring and financial projection solution.



Databuild for Windows Document Handling module organises your documentation automatically.

Documents are organised by type, by source and by location making searching easier, and saving users valuable time.



Databuild for Windows helps keep you organised.

All contact names – suppliers, staff, clients, leads – are held in one central table, but you can customise categorisation for easy searching.

Each job has its own general information section and diary.



Databuild for Windows Job Reports Function allows you to search and select job reports by date or status, and in fully itemised or in summary form.

The Job Report Function also lets you compare jobs to original or revised budget or forecasts.



Databuild for Windows makes interacting with suppliers easy.

Databuild for Windows:

  • Stores details of all your suppliers in one centralised table for easy searching and to prevent duplication.
  • Allows you customise the way you save supplier details.
  • Allows you to choose when you pay supplier invoices.
  • Organises automatic transfer of funds directly to supplier’s bank accounts.
  • Automatically deducts PAYG or Voluntary Agreement deductions from salaries.



Databuild for Windows gives you easy access to supplier and creditor reports and summaries, including:

  • Unpaid invoices.
  • Creditors’ summaries.
  • Voluntary Agreement reports.
  • Suppliers without ABN’s.
  • EFT suppliers.
  • Supplier information lists.



Databuild for Windows features a powerful posting function that that incorporates many a user-friendly transaction processing operations including invoicing, payments, cheque drawing, progress claims, variations, receipts, journals, and bank transfers.

Databuild for Windows is fully integrated with your general ledger and allows you to post quickly and efficiently.

Specific features include:

  • Net or gross figure GST calculation on claims and invoices.
  • Multiple bank account handling.
  • Batch posting.
  • Cheque and remittance printing.
  • “Point and click” auto balancing.
  • Secure transaction search and edit function.
  • Imports ASCII files.
  • Exports to Attache, Sybiz and Solution 6 general ledgers.



All receipts are posted to specific jobs, and debtor details and general ledger balances are automatically updated upon entry.



Databuild for Windows allows maximum invoicing flexibility.

Options include:

  • Batch posting.
  • Additional posting date.
  • Matching order details.
  • Retentions.
  • Automatic duplicate invoice check
  • Customised invoice acceptance/rejection function
  • Net or gross GST calculation.



Databuild for Windows creates budget and forecast reports by automatic reference to your existing Bills of Quantities. You can also prepare manual forecasts. Either way, users can compare budget to I invoiced amounts for any particular cost centre at the click of a mouse.



Databuild for Windows lets you batch payments according to group due date, actual invoice date, or on an ‘as needs’ basis.

Databuild for Windows allows for payment by EFT transfer and remittance advices are automatically transferred by email. Cheque and remittance printing functions are included, as are automatic deduction facilities for employee tax and superannuation.



Databuild for Windows offers you an all-encompassing and powerful accounting solution.

Databuild for Windows General Ledger function includes:

  • Up to 10 nesting levels and up to 80,000 accounts formatted in a ‘tree structure’.
  • 1, 4, 12 or 13 accounting periods annually
  • A centralised posting system that automatically updates the general ledger without the need for messy additional general ledger posting.
  • A fully integrated reporting system that gives you trial balances, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, account enquiries, bank reports, and GST Business Activity Statements at the click of a mouse.
  • The ability to provide separate reports for the different divisions in your business.



Databuild recognised a long time ago that advances in communication technology could revolutionise the way builders do business.

But we also realised that the cost of new technology needn’t be prohibitive.

In fact, it needn’t cost you anything at all.

Databuild has developed a B2B model that uses common hardware and software components that maximises compatibility and will improve the way you currently do business.

Our system utilises standard emailing systems for ALL communication.

Improve the way you communicate with your suppliers. Improve your business relationships. Improve your business systems.

No upfront costs or ongoing fees. No hidden toll gates.

There are no downsides. Its here, now. And it works.

Let us help you get started.

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