System Requirements

Although Databuild does and is running on older less highly specified equipment and operating systems, this document is a guide for companies and users looking to purchase currently available operating systems and hardware technologies. This is the recommended specification not the minimum specifications.

Operating Systems

Databuild is a VB Microsoft based application but will run in a Virtual Machine on Apple Computers. Fusion , Parallels or Virtualbox

Databuild supports the following Microsoft operating systems:

Supported Operating SystemMin Recommended CPUMin RAM
Windows 10Intel Core i5, i7, i9AMD Ryzen8GB
Server 2016/R2-2019Intel Core, Intel XeonAMD EPYC16GB


Server hardware

The Server hardware specification should be determined by the maximum expected load for the life span of the servers.

You should consult your IT support staff or contractors in relation to server hardware.

Terminal Server & Citrix

Databuild will install and run in Remote Desktop and Citrix environments. Please consult your IT support representative before installing Databuild in Remote Desktop/Citrix environments.

64Bit Operating Systems

Databuild is not a 64Bit application. However, 32-Bit applications are run as 32-bit processes under the emulation layer on 64-bit Windows operating systems.

Databuild has been tested for use with the following database formats:

Microsoft SQL (Standard & Express editions) SQL 2012, SQL 2014, SQL 2016, SQL 2017, SQL 2019

Help and Support in relation to this Document is available by emailing, or by phoning Databuild during business hours on 1300 015 153.

*If Databuild is installed on these operating systems, the data files must not be used from the default location in the “%drive%\program files (x86)\Databuild\dbase” Move all databases to a network share or a local share.