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Training Offerings

Databuild are committed to providing ongoing training that fully addresses any queries our users may have with various elements of the software package whilst meeting the individual and various training delivery options that our customers demand. Whether you require traditional classroom based training, on-site teaching at your office location, remotely training via connection into your computer, or by means of online self-learning tools, Databuild has a training offering to suit your needs.


Classroom Based

Throughout the year, face to face classroom training courses are offered at various major city locations around Australia and New Zealand. Databuild classroom training generally takes place over the course of 2 weeks with various module and skill levels catered for from beginner to advanced user. The aim of these courses is to bring individuals together in a positive and hands-on learning environment suitable to their skill level where real world examples are used under the guidance and assistance of a highly qualified and interactive Databuild trainer. Class sizes are kept to a minimum to allow for greater instructor interaction, and enough time to answer questions and discuss issues and outcomes in the group environment.



Having a Databuild trainer on-site allows us to personalise and tailor the experience to your exact needs in the comfort of your own office at a time and day that suits you. This method of training is more suited to those who have specific needs that extend beyond the coverage of our standard classroom courses, or who may have a large number of users requiring training around the same topic.



Remote training can also be tailored to suit your needs and offers the same benefits as on-site and classroom training without the travel costs. By remote accessing your computer system via a desktop sharing program (Team Viewer), the instructor can deliver information that covers your area of interest whilst you view from the comfort of your own office. This method also allows for interaction between each party.



Another option is the ability for users to undertake self-learning online. Users can access and read through help and support guides at their own pace, watch videos demonstrations and tutorials, or view and interact with webinars (available only to maintenance paying customers) as a means of furthering their knowledge of the various elements that make up the software package, whilst giving total control back to the user. eLearning gives the option for the user to undertake this form of training at any time in any location from the workplace, to the home or even on the move, and come back to it at any time.


Training Information and Registration

Current information about all courses, including course descriptions and dates is available by clicking here.

Databuild is a Registered CPD Provider (VIC, NSW).


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