Changes to Google SMTP support

From 30 May 2022, Google will no longer be supporting the use of third-party apps or devices which ask you to sign in to your Google Account using only your username and password.

This means that anywhere in our software where you use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for Gmail, or other email systems that piggy-back Gmail will no longer be supported from 30 May, 2022.

What can I do to prepare for this change?
Contact your IT department to make sure they are aware of this deadline if you depend Google for email communications, so they can make the necessary changes.

What if I don’t have an IT department?
You can either use MS Outlook to handle 2FA (2-factor authentication) email communications, or use non-Gmail free email accounts that support SMTP.

Will you be changing your software so it’s compatible to use Gmail via SMTP?
There are no current plans to upgrade our use of Gmail so our software is considered a ‘more secure app’. We will be monitoring the use of MFA (multi-factor authentication) as more organisations push to make this a standard practice.

If you have further questions, please contact the Databuild support team.