Databuild Single Touch Payroll Update

The revised date to begin reporting to the ATO via Single Touch Payroll for Databuild customers with 20 or more employees is now 31/12/2018. Those customers with 19 or less employees remains at 01/07/2019.

Databuild 2.59.2 was released in June with updated payroll tax tables. It is not be Single Touch Payroll enabled, however, can be utilised until the new deferred start date.

Databuild is committed to providing you with the best possible payroll solution. An announcement will be made regarding a release date in the coming months with more details about these improvements to your software.

What do I need to do?
Nothing, you do not need to contact the ATO or apply for your own deferral. You are covered by the deferred start date granted to Databuild.

ATO Single Touch Payroll Information Pack
Communication from the ATO regarding what employers need to know about Single Touch Payroll changes.