What size business does Databuild target and cater for?

Databuild caters for all size builders from a small husband and wife team up to some of Australia’s largest home builders including HIA top 100. It is a scalable product designed to be easliy implimented, maintained and operated. Some businesses will use only some features of the system while some will take advantage of all the available fuctions, placing it on the network where it is accessed by a variety of people for different reasons. No matter the size of your business, Databuild will streamline and simplify your daily operations from creating an initial quote through to receiving your final payment, all while leveraging the data in your system to automatically produce reliable information and reports that would normally take hours or days to produce manually

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What makes Databuild stand out from the rest?

Databuild is celebrating 40 years of servicing the building and construction industry and strives to maintain a constant link between customers and our development team to ensure the software delivers exactly what builders need. Whilst you could use spreadsheets and generic accounting packages, Databuild is more specific and made for the building and construction industry. Databuild provides support both online and via a dedicated helpdesk, tools to simplify the tasks you are required to do on a reguarlar basis and has superior job cost reporting, order and invoice checking, payroll (Aus only) along with a superior estimating package.

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Will Databuild make my business processes more streamlined?

Databuild includes many features to enable you to easily review critical business information. This allows you to take better control over your companies current and future directions. It will prevent jobs being double-ordered or bills being paid twice and can generate reports that alert you to non-profitable areas in your business. Developed from the ground up Databuild is a complete estimating and accounting system designed for the varying requirements in the building industry. The estimates become quotations this in turn become the bills of quantities, specifications and colour schedules. Purchase orders are linked to the same record to allow you to produce orders from the information you have quoted. Databuild is completely seamless from sales inquiry right though to the profit and loss and balance sheet.

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What support can I expect Databuild to provide me with?

We are dedicated to providing a high quality support offering to all our customers through a  range of support options. We have telephone assistance available from 8.30am – 5.30pm AEST along with email and web based support services including support guides and webinars (maintenance paying customers only) and frequent software version updates avaliable. We offer a maintenance program for users to join which will ensure they have access to helpdesk services, webinars and the most up to date version downloads without any additional fees. We also run regular classroom style training sessions where customers can learn how to take advantage of the many features avaialble in the program, along with one-on-one assistance remotely over TeamViewer or in person at your office. There is also high-end technical support for hardware, communication and network issues.

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How can I be sure that I will continue to receive support?

Databuild has been in business for over 40 years and in 2008, was acquired by Illinois Tool Works as part of its residential construction products division, taking Databuild full circle back to it’s founding days as part of the roof truss industry. This partnership ensured future investment into the product maintaining Databuild’s stance at the forefront of the industry along with creating even closer relationships with builders and their requirements now and well into the future. Our dedication to our customers is evident in the fact we have retained many of our original users.

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How does Databuild deal with e-commerce?

Databuild was an early pioneer in e-commerce. It has the ability to transfer funds electronically, send invoices, broadcast requirements to suppliers through both e-mail and SMS. Further development to this process are currently in the pipeline.

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How will I find staff to use Databuild?

There is a large pool of experienced users who can use Databuild. Because of Databuild’s dominant position in the market, there are more trained staff than all other systems combined. If your staff do require training however, please visit our training offerings page to view all options available.

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Which operating system of platform does Databuild frun on?

Databuild is a Windows only based product. It integrates with Microsoft Office and writes to Access in small installations or SQL Server (or other high-end relational databases) in larger implementations. Visit our system requirements page for more information.

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What sort of hardware does Databuild run on?

Please visit our system requirements page for further information.

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How can I migrate my current data to Databuild?

Databuild has some very sophisticated import-export routines using XML, comma-separated as well as other ASCII routines providing easy import from many other popular packages so can import your data with assistance where required from our support team.

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How do I know we have the most up to date databuild software?

In your Databuild software, click on the help menu then about Databuild. This screen will tell you the version number and build you are currently running. Databuild currently have 3 main releases each year and these are communicated both via our website, via email to our users and also by the RSS feed inside the software itself. Only maintenance paying customers can update to the latest versions. To update your maintenance, please contact us on 1300 015 153.